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Dobrodošli na CSGO Balkan Beta Forum !

Ovaj forum je u beta fazi čisto da vidimo vašu aktivnost na forumu kako bi bilo kad bi zaista uradili dobar forum !

Zamoljavam vas da se ne svađate i ne širite mržnju ovde jer svakakvo ce te biti banovani sa foruma !
Hvala vam što ste uz nas dosta nam znaci vaša podrška !

CSGO Balkan Staff



Pre-Release Notes for 10/11/2016
11 OCT 2016 -

The following changes are in the CS:GO Beta depot.
(Thanks to everybody that reported bugs and general feedback!)
Opened up skybox between alt-mid and A site
Added back position on side of double-stack box in A site
Tightened bombsite area on A site to prevent bomb being planted outside of platform
Fixed barrels in A site not rendering if you were inside Library
Made it smoother to move on top of the well in CT spawn
Removed clipping on top of half-walls similar to wall near Quad, affects T spawn and CT entrance to B site
Added collision to fix a boost inside B site to look into Banana (Thanks adreN!)
Added collision to fix a boost from alt-mid balcony looking into Banana (Thanks Anomaly!)
Matched buyzone in T spawn with radar graphic
Moved gutter on yellow house in B site, to clean up angle between coffins and entrance
Smoothed out movement on/near the rock wall in CT spawn
Fixed a bug where exiting from underpass into alt-mid would trigger the wrong soundscape
Removed some minor props in A site where a planted bomb could be hidden
Made movement on yellow chair in Library smoother
Removed one-way wallbang through door in mid, near underpass entrance
Fixed being able to drop weapons/C4 into rooms outside of play area
Improved player collision on arches inside hallway leading to balcony at bombsite A
Moved bench in mid slightly
Fixed items falling through bottom of fountain
Fixed some radar naming bugs
Updated radar with stairs and balcony in top of mid/alt mid.
Fixed various clip/player collision issues around the map
Fixed various minor graphical bugs around the map
Fixed bug introduced in rc1 where quickly uncrouching and recrouching in odd positions could cause players to get stuck in the terrain.


You are here » CSGO Balkan » CSGO NEWS » CSGO NEWS