I spent countless hours playing CS v1.6 and, after all these years since it was published, I still rank it as the best FPS game ever. However, since I'm tempted to give a shot to CS GO, I would like to know what are the main differences between these two. Will I, as a die hard CS v1.6 fan, be disappointed with CS GO or is it really worth a shot. Given that CS: Source was inferior, in my view, and I was disappointed, I would like to read opinions regarding CS GO.

. I Have played around 50h 1.6 and 260h GO. I Can tell you what CS:GO has : 1. Option of changing the weapon skin (big variety of skins for every each gun) 2. New maps, better graphics, new recoil, new hitbox, new animations, new sounds, new spray patterns and much more. In my opinion, CS 1.6 is old enough people need to understand this and start playing something better than that (like CS:GO).

Please help.

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https://gamekit.com/cs-go/qaa/5877340/c … anguage=gb

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