There are some great maps available to download from the CSGO workshop on steam. Just type in training on the search bar and some decent ones will come up.

Some other tips on improving your aim include:

Learning the recoil of different guns
Having a decent mouse pad, with a decent mouse
Finding the right sensitivity levels on your mouse which feel most comfortable (usually 1 swipe across your mouse pad should rotate your character 360 degrees)
Practice on deathmatch servers...!

The Negev has a very strange recoil since it is the only weapon with a completely predictable recoil weapon, after .75 seconds all shots go above and to the right of the center. It is an exception, with most weapons just go short burst even if at close range. Having 5 bullets left while your enemy is reloading is extremely useful.

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https://gamekit.com/cs-go/qaa/4444742/h … -accuracy/

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