The question in the title has taken me for a few days.
These win 10 are disgusting and I want to win 7 to install, but this shit from the processor does not work. :twisted:
In fact we are not up to the processor, but also to the motherboard manufacturers. Rarely the manufacturer gives support (as far as I know ASUS only) for win 7, and I'm always on the wrong side and I find myself wrong. :D
Microsoft does not provide more support for win7 for new processors to give them a motherboard. :twisted:
I read around that there is a USB driver and similar shit, but I need some tutor to simplify Win 7 on the Ryzen platform in a simple way.
If someone has ideas and suggestions, welcome.:)

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

https://forum.klix.ba/kako-instalirati- … 48125.html

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